XML Master Success Story : Tejveer Sharma

Tejveer Sharma
Name : Tejveer Sharma
Certification : XML Master Basic
Company Name : -
Location : India
What was the purpose of your taking the exam?
According to me XML is a technology of new era and the next generation. I decided to build up my career in XML tech. Its interesting language and that's why I decided to go through that.
Did you have any experience with XML prior to taking the exam?
Actually I was not familiar with XML earlier, but as per advice of my teachers I tried and did my job in a new field.
How much time did you put into studying for the exam?
I was preparing for this exam for one month and studied daily for 5-6 hrs.
Let us know about any books, seminars or other preparation tools you used to study for the exam.
Firstly my teachers supported me a lot.
Books I preferred XML IN NUTSHELL(3rd), beginning in XML and notes provided by the XML Master site.
Please share any post-exam thoughts or advice for those who will be taking the exam.
Where there is a will there is a way. So the one who is planning for the exam then work hard as it is a language, which will help you to set your future in IT field. One who will work for 20-25 days can easily crack the exam. Don't trust on your luck but trust on your work.
Good luck.

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