Exam Enrollment

How to Apply for the Exam

The XML Master Exams are available daily at Prometric Authorized Testing Centers throughout the world. To take the exam, please schedule a day and time at Prometric Web site.

The exam application guide PDF file (530KB) can be downloaded here.

XML Master Exam Fee

Exam Number Exam Name Exam Fee
I10-001E XML Master BasicUS$125.00
I10-002E XML Master Professional Application DeveloperUS$125.00
I10-003E XML Master Professional Database AdministratorUS$125.00

If you would like to know other currency, please check it at Prometric Web site.

Using a Voucher Service

You can buy prepaid vouchers valid for one of three exams; "XML Master Basic Exam (I10-001E)", "XML Master Professional Application Developer Exam (I10-002E)", or "XML Master Professional Database Administrator Exam (I10-003E)" at the site listed below:

In amounts of 19 or fewer, XML Master Prepaid Vouchers may be purchased for USD$125 each, which is the regular exam fee. Purchases of vouchers in sets of 20 or more qualify for a discounted USD$112 per voucher. Vouchers expire one year from their purchase date.

Please see the Prometric Web site for more information.

XML Master Re-take policy

There are no restrictions regarding wait time before re-taking the XML Master Exam. You may immediately apply after finishing an exam. However, the chances of passing an exam immediately after failing the first time are extremely low. We recommend you take some time to study before re-taking the exam.

The "XML Master Basic Exam" is a pre-requisite for taking the "XML Master Professional Exams".

The "XML Master Basic Exam" is a pre-requisite for taking the "XML Master Professional Exams". Accordingly, you must pass the "XML Master Basic Exam" before you can sit for the "XML Master Professional Exams".