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May 15, 2007
XML Technology Certification Committee

Survey of XML Masters reveals 77% believe XML Master Exam Questions are Practical

The XML Technology Certification Committee today released the results of a Web-based survey of “XML Master Basic” professionals.

The survey was conducted between April 4 (Wednesday) and April 13 (Friday), 2007, for individuals that have passed the “XML Master Basic V2” exam, which is the latest version of the certification exam for “XML Master Basic” certification, and 526 individuals responded to the survey.

According to the survey results, 34% of all respondents indicated they studied “More than 2 weeks, less than 1 month” for the “XML Master Basic V2” exam, and when asked how they studied, respondents indicated “Books” (89%), “Internet” (29%), and “Participation in educational course” (22%), in order of frequency (multiple responses allowed).

With respect to the difficulty level of the test, the greatest number of respondents, at 58%, answered “As difficult as expected,” and a full 80% of respondents answered that the time allowed for the examination was “Appropriate.” In response to a question as to whether the exam questions were practical, 77% of 302 eligible respondents (removing those respondents who could not answer the question due to lack of XML work experience) evaluated the exam questions as being “Practical.”

With respect to the benefits of becoming an XML Master (multiple answers allowed), the top answers were “I was able to learn about XML and XML-related technology” (91%), “I developed more confidence about XML and XML-related technology” (41%), “I received a lump-sum bonus from my company” (27%), and “Knowing XML is helpful in my work” (23%).

See the following URL for more about the survey results.

About the XML Certification Program (XML Master)

The “XML Master” is a professional certification officially launched in August 2001. The primary objective of the “XML Master” is the broad-based development of professionals having XML skills. To date, about 15,000 professionals throughout the world have become XML Masters. The “XML Master” consists of two certification levels. The “XML Master Basic” certifies that a professional understands the basics of XML and XML-related technology, and possesses the technical capacity to use XML in practical work applications. The “XML Master Professional” certifies that a professional possesses an advanced technical capacity in XML with respect to specialized technical fields.
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