Sample Questions

Here are some sample questions.

[I10-001] XML Master Basic

Section 1 XML Overview
Section 2 Creating XML Documents
Section 3 DTD
Section 4 XML Schema
Section 5 XSLT, XPath
Section 6 Namespace

[I10-002] XML Master Professional Application Developer

Section 1 DOM / SAX
Section 2 DOM / SAX Programming
Section 3 XSLT
Section 4 XML Schema
Section 5 XML Processing System Design Technology
Section 6 Utilizing XML

[I10-003] XML Master Professional Database Administrator

Section 1 Overview
Section 2 XQuery, XPath
Section 3 Manipulating XML Data
Section 4 Creating XML Schema and Other XML Database Objects

Individuals who want to try more questions can take a Practice Exam.

The XML Master Practice Exam is here.