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September 19, 2007
XML Technology Certification Committee

XML Technology Certification Committee Releases Free XML Online Tutorial

The XML Technology Certification Committee today announced the release of the XML Online Tutorial, available for free through the XML Master website (

In 2004, the XML Technology Certification Committee began offering the XML Master Exam (XML certification exam) in English. Since that time, the Committee has received numerous requests for exam preparation materials in English as well. In response to these requests, the XML Technology Certification Committee has arranged for the English translation of the most relevant sections of "DB Magazine" (a magazine for Japanese software engineers), offered in a series of 10 installments as the "XML Master Tutorial." This series is available through the XML Master Website (

The "XML Master Tutorial" is a series of articles written by professional XML trainers, covering the basics of XML in an easy-to-understand format, which makes the course particularly suited to engineers who may be studying XML for the first time.

The "XML Master Tutorial" is now available at the following URL:

About the XML Certification Program (XML Master)

The "XML Master" is a professional certification officially launched in August 2001. The primary objective of the "XML Master" is the broad-based development of professionals having XML skills. To date, more than 15,000 professionals throughout the world have become XML Masters. The "XML Master" consists of two certification levels. The "XML Master Basic" certifies that a professional understands the basics of XML and XML-related technology, and possesses the technical capacity to use XML in practical work applications. The "XML Master Professional" certifies that a professional possesses an advanced technical capacity in XML with respect to specialized technical fields.
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