Exam:XML Master Professional Database Administrator Examination

[I10-003] XML Master Professional Database Administrator Examination

Duration in minutes 90
Number of Questions 30
Required Passing Score 80%

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[I10-003] XML Master Professional Database Administrator Examination Guide

Section 1 - Overview

a. Methods for storing XML data into a database

b. XMLDB features/ differences compared to relational format/ differences when storing XML data in a file system

c. Overview of W3C specifications related to XMLDB

  • Overview of XQuery1.0 specification
  • Overview of specifications related to XQuery

Section 2 - XQuery, XPath

a. XQuery1.0 syntax

  • Primary Expressions
  • Path Expressions
  • Sequence Expressions
  • Arithmetic Expressions
  • Comparison Expressions
  • Logical Expressions
  • Constructors
  • FLWOR Expressions
  • Ordered and Unordered Expressions
  • Conditional Expressions
  • Quantified Expressions
  • Expressions using types
  • Prolog statements

b. XPath2.0 syntax

  • XPath expressions included in XQuery1.0

Section 3 - Manipulating XML Data

a. Manipulating XML Data

  • Character encoding
  • Whitespace characters
  • Mixed content
  • Handling XML data that includes particular characters
  • Complete XML document fidelity
  • Handling default values
  • DTD ID type
  • Considerations when conducting validation using schema

b. XQuery injection

  • XQuery injection basics
  • XQuery injection countermeasures

Section 4 - Creating XML Schema and Other XML Database Objects

a. XMLDB sizing

b. XML Schema design considerations/ performance considerations/ namespace design

c. Considerations related to schema changes/ considerations when creating an index/ creating constraints

d. Table design when mapping XML data to an RDB

e. XML schema design when retrieving XML data from an RDB relational format

f. Features, uses of different available security methods

  • XML security
  • DBMS security
  • Internet security

[I10-003] XML Master Professional Database Administrator Related Specifications

The current XML Master Basic exam covers concepts and specifications contained in the following W3C specifications:



Namespaces in XML 1.0  


XML Schema


XQuery 1.0 


Canonical XML


DOM Level2


XML Information Set