Exam:XML Master Basic Examination

[I10-001] XML Master Basic Examination

Duration in minutes 60
(Including a short survey. If you choose not to answer our survey questions, your decision will have no effect on your exam results)
Number of Exam Questions 50
Required Score 70%

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[I10-001] XML Master Basic Examination Guide

Section 1 - XML Overview

a. Overview of XML

  • XML features
  • Purpose of XML

b. Overview of related XML technologies

  • Names for and overview of XML-related technologies defined by the W3C or other standards organizations(XPath, XLink, XQuery, XPointer, DOM, SAX, SOAP, XHTML etc.)
  • Names for and overview of applicable XML specifications defined according to industry or purpose by the W3C or other standards organizations
  • Purpose of schema definition language defining XML structure
  • Differences in defined content and functions of XML Schema and DTD

Section 2 - Creating XML Documents

a. Syntax

  • Naming rules, usable characters defined within an XML document
  • Methods for coding XML documents utilizing tags
  • Rules for coding declarations, elements, comments, character references, and processing commands comprising an XML document
  • Methods for coding character data and markups (tags, references, comments, etc.) comprising an XML document
  • The role of an XML processor (XML parser)

b. Elements, attributes, entities

  • Coding elements that include attributes
  • Types of entities
  • Handling entities and references using an XML processor
  • Usage of character references
  • Usage of Predefined entities
  • Method for referencing entities

c. Valid XML documents, well-formed XML documents

  • Well-formed XML document coding methods
  • Coding methods to ensure valid XML documents
  • Differences between valid XML documents and well-formed XML documents
  • Creating valid XML documents for defined DTDs
  • Creating valid XML documents for defined XML Schema

d. Special characters/ character codes, encoding/ normalizing XML documents

  • Character references
  • XML declarations and text declarations
  • Handling white spaces
  • End-of-line handling in XML documents
  • Normalizing attribute values

Section 3 - DTD

a. Basics

  • Document type declarations
  • Methods for coding DTD internal subsets and external subsets
  • Differences between DTD internal subsets and external subsets
  • Internal entities and external entities, Parsed entities and unparsed entities

b. Content model/element type declarations/attribute-list declarations/actual processing/entity declarations

  • Element type declarations
  • Content model definitions for elements
  • Attribute-list declarations
  • Attribute types
  • Attribute defaults
  • Entity declarations

Section 4 - XML Schema

a. Basics

  • XML Schema document structure
  • XML Schema Namespace
  • Mapping between XML documents and XML schema documents

b. Data types/ coding methods/ actual processing

  • XML Schema embedded data types
  • Simple type and complex type
  • Type extensions and restrictions
  • Element definitions
  • Attribute definitions

Section 5 - XSLT, XPath

a. Basics

  • Purpose of XSLT
  • Application use of XSLT
  • XSLT stylesheet structure
  • XSLT Namespace

b. Elements/ templates/ character encoding/ actual transformation processing

  • Coding methods and related functions for well-known XSLT elements
  • Template rules and templates
  • Pattern coding and matching patterns and nodes
  • Output processing using XSLT

c. Coding XPath expressions within a stylesheet

  • Basic operators
  • Basic functions
  • Basic coding methods for location paths (designating tree structure nodes)

Section 6 - Namespace

a. XML namespaces

  • XML namespace defined content
  • Application use of  XML namespace
  • XML namespace coding methods
  • XML namespace scope (effective scope)

[I10-001] XML Master Basic Related Specifications

The current XML Master Basic exam covers concepts and specifications contained in the following W3C specifications:



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